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Gala Bingo Announces Closure of Additional Clubs

Gala Bingo Announces Closure of Additional Clubs

The last few years have seen numerous brick-and-mortar bingo clubs being forced to close their doors while businesses focus more on the increasingly profitable online renditions of their services. Perhaps the most popular of land-based bingo groups, Gala Coral, is now continuing forward with this trend in announcing the closure of even more clubs across the UK.

The company recently spoke to British press regarding plans to close six clubs in the near future while also considering selling off another 40 to 50 of their halls. The move would make approximately 200 positions at the club unnecessary and will lead to the loss of a staggering number of jobs across the nation. Gala Bingo representatives detailed the problem of continuing to operate land-based bingo halls in a financial climate that barely creates any profits from their existence. With borrowed operation funds reaching almost £8 billion even Gala, the largest bingo corporation in the UK, has been forced to make tough choices in regard to the historically profitable halls.

Numerous problems have contributed to the closure of so many brick-and-mortar
bingo clubs but perhaps the most damaging has been the continued loss of revenue caused by the enactment of smoking bans in the United Kingdom. With the continuation of these issues we can expect Gala Coral to carry on in shutting down it’s previously booming clubs and refocus efforts to the growing business of online efforts such as Gala Bingo.