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Head of Gala Bingo Announces Plan to Leave Company

John Kelly, head of the enormous UK gaming company, Gala Bingo has announced plans that he is set to leave his position by Christmas of this year. While previous statements had anticipated this move, the action was initially planned for some ten months later than the new date of resignation.

Although Gala Bingo is one of the biggest gambling corporations in Great Britain, Kelly has chosen to step down from his place after years of lucrative guidance.
Gala Coral (the larger group which Gala Bingo belongs to) has been led by John Kelly since 1997 and quickly became a major player within the world of internet bingo during this time. The last eleven years have seen Gala Bingo experience a large growth in revenue due to the online gaming boom and an influx of private equity owners. Kelly announced plans to continue his work as chairman of, a successful UK online reselling business for rail tickets.

Despite a substantial loss in Gala’s casino and Gala Bingo hall sectors over the past year and a half, Kelly has made it clear that the decision to leave early was of his own volition and not the result of shareholder’s influence. The corporation is sure to rebound from their loss and has already begun plans to account for the change in leadership beginning later this month. Kelly’s spot is to be filled by
Neil Goulden, the current deputy chairman of the company.