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Gala Bingo Announces Withdrawal from the National Game

Industry leaders, Gala Bingo have been making big news lately with their controversial decision to withdraw from Britain’s National Game, a mainstay of the bingo community that sees one third of its jackpots coming from the now removed company.

National Game occurs twice a day all throughout the year (excluding only Christmas Day) and was conceived in 1986 as a means of drumming up business for all bingo halls across the nation. By retracting their participation Gala has understandably upset many of those who have counted on their support for more than twenty years and detractors have since accused the corporation of being overly selfish. With more than three million British citizens frequenting the National Game in the past this move may raise significant outcry. The remaining contributors are in doubt as to whether the historical promotion will still be able to function with such an enormous part of its funding now knocked out.

Gala Bingo is probably more concerned about their own company interests than the National Game this may hold larger implications for the future of the industry. As smoking bans hold some fans of the game back from halls the end of physical bingo play may be approaching. Other companies may choose to tighten their online interests in lieu of supporting the National Game in the future as well which could very well mean the closure of a great deal of bingo halls and the end of an era in the games history.