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Nuneaton Gala Bingo Hall Up for Grabs on Real-Estate Market -

The former Gala Bingo Hall in Nuneaton has recently been put back onto the real-estate market at a reduced price. After formerly offering the Hall at £1.5 million, bad negotiations and a financially concerned seller have currently set it at a decreased, £1.2 million price tag.

The Nuneaton Hall became a Gala Bingo venue in 1982 after spending the former part of the century as the Ritz Cinema. Since then it has attracted a large number of gaming fans which have slowly tapered off in recent years. As British bingo clubs have been hit by decreased attendance (in no small part due to smoking bans and the reduction of popular instant-win machines by law) Gala has been forced to close a large number of their venues and the historical Nuneaton Hall is only one of them. Financial difficulties led to Gala Bingo rationalizing their properties and selling off many lots, including the long-standing club at Nuneaton.

In the near future bingo fans will have to get used to the Nuneaton Gala Bingo Hall as something other than what it once was. The location is rumoured to become a restaurant, town hall, hotel or set of offices instead of the bingo club it has been for the past quarter of a century.