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Gala Bingo Introduces Smoking Shelters

In an attempt to provide some reprieve from the massive financial hit currently afflicting brick-and-mortar bingo halls, Gala Bingo has introduced outdoor smoking shelters for fans of the game that would otherwise stay at home.

The shelters are planned to be constructed as a wooden patio deck with space heating and access to
electronic bingo playing machines. Gala Bingo has been clear about establishing their neutral stance on smoking while still recognizing their need to provide for those players who have lowered their bingo hall attendance due to the recent implementation of widespread UK bans. The Gala Bingo hall in Fenton, Staffordshire is currently equipped with a heated shelter that provides smokers with the ability to sit down at one of 32 bingo kiosks for 50p and £1 games. It’s a smart tactic which mirrors the creation of similar patios from the many pubs and clubs similarly attempting to maintain business in light of legal restrictions on indoor smoking.

Robert Jones, assistant manager of Gala Bingo in Fenton, Staffordshire spoke to press about his location’s status as the first Gala hall to host one of the shelters. Jones explained that the idea was conceived of as a method of both stimulating business and providing a social alternative to standing outside in the cold. He hopes to encourage an improved atmosphere and alternative for the many smokers put off by their previous inability to have a puff while enjoying a
game of bingo.