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iPoker Network Details First iPOPS Success

The iPoker Network — which includes popular online poker sites like William Hill, Titan Poker and more — has just concluded the first edition of its iPoker Online Poker Series (iPOPS). iPOPS was deemed a massive success by its organizers, making it likely that a sequel could be in the works for sometime in the future.

More than 60,000 international poker players flocked to iPoker Network sites to compete in the new series and helped to contribute to just how well the events came off. Over one million dollars was handed out over four events. These included iPOPS kick-off no-limit hold’em six-maximum tournament (which came with a $200,000 prize pool) and its follow-up, a $150,000 pot no-limit hold’em turbo series. The other iPOPS tournament handed out $500,000 to 3,000 no-limit competitors and then assembled the highest ranking players into a top 27. These winners will soon officially end iPOPS (and take home the remaining prize pool) at a live event taking place at Prague’s Ambassador Casino on 12th December.

With the first iPOPS drawing such an enormous crowd — and paying out such impressive amounts — it seems extremely likely that we’ll be hearing about a second edition from iPoker Network soon enough. A statement detailed how the iPoker Online Poker Series was “a huge success for the network”, attributing some of this popularity to it giving “players the chance to win massive cash prizes [for] exceptionally low buy-ins.”