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Foxy Bingo Parts Company with Jordan

Foxy Bingo have just announced that they have severed their ties with Jordan as been the spokesperson for the online Bingo game.

Jordan has been the face of the gaming site since joining them in 2006.

The firm said Foxy Bingo could no longer compete for Jordan's time without "a significantly increased investment."

"Katie proved a fantastic building block for Foxy Bingo, helping shift perceptions of the brand and the image of bingo into the mainstream, creating a more youthful image," said the firm's commercial director Simon Collins.

Foxy ran a section called 'Katie's Charity Bingo Room' where it donated 50 per cent of all purchased bingo cards on Monday evenings to Jordan's chosen charities.
Cashcade, which owns Foxy Bingo, said the glamour model had helped give bingo a more youthful image.

Jordan's promotional work for Foxy Bingo included taking part in photo shoots with the website's Foxy mascot.