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Justin ‘ZeeJustin’ Bonomo Signed to Bodog

After becoming the youngest online poker player to make television at a European Poker Table and making waves by cashing out big at the World Series of Poker three times running, twenty-one year old Justin Bonomo has been signed to the Bodog poker team. He is now set to represent Team Bodog and its franchise as a promoter and representative of the successful poker company.

The Los Angeles native has only beenplaying within the spotlight for three years but is already attracting a great deal of attention and not just because of his age. Last year’s WSOP saw Bonomo play for Bodog as he climbed the ranks to the final table for the $2000 No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, finishing fourth but continuing to sport his Bodog promo clothing throughout the rest of the events.

Bonomo is excited to now join the team officially alongside big names such as Evelyn Ng and (former Survivor China contestant) Jean-Robert Bellande. This summer’s proceedings at the WSOP will determine how successfully the young player will be able to continue his impressive streak as an online poker player now sitting at physical tables. Bonomo is aiming high however as he told poker reporters that he was after nothing less than the gold bracelet itself for his new team.