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Ladbrokes Bingo Player Wins Big with £1.3 Million Jackpot

Ladbrokes Bingo has just changed one woman’s life by awarding her a massive sum of money through a recently triggered jackpot. The winner has set records by taking home one of the largest online bingo prizes in recent years.

The woman in question, Lisa Potter, lives in Witney in Oxfordshire and hit the enormous jackpot during a seemingly normal evening. Potter, 33, took a break from watching the Euro 2012 match between Spain and Ireland with her partner, Terry Goodman, to play a game of bingo at Ladbrokes. She sat down at the computer, wagered £5 on a game and was soon £1,364,745 richer. Potter, a mother of three, remembers that “as soon as I saw the size of the jackpot I thought it worth a go and I couldn’t believe my eyes when it said that I’d won. My kids came into the room and we all started screaming.” Potter plans to use some of her winnings to purchase a new house and car for her family before planning out a luxury holiday.

Ladbrokes Bingo’s Alex Donohue told press that Potter’s win is “one of the biggest of all time” and that his company is “absolutely over the moon for her.” The £1.3 million won by Lisa Potter is the third largest cash prize awarded in the history of bingo. Ladbrokes’ jackpot also represents the biggest payout for the style of game played by Potter in the last three years.