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Ladbrokes Bingo Pays Out Enormous Jackpot to British Grandmother

                Popular online bingo network, Ladbrokes Bingo, has just changed one of its players lives by awarding them with a fantastic cash prize. The lucky site member is taking home close to £67,000 after having played a few bingo rounds on a sleepless night.
                The winner is a sixty-eight year old woman named Alison Bradbury. Bradbury, a grandmother to nine children, sat down to play a few games at Ladbrokes Bingo on a Friday night after being unable to sleep and eventually logged off for the night thinking that she had managed to win £120 at the site. It wasn't until nearly a full day later that Bradbury received a phone call from Ladbrokes, informing her that one of her games, staked with only five pence, had actually won her a prize of £66,508. Bradbury told press that she had initially thought the call from Ladbrokes had come in "because there was a problem with [her] account." She went on to say that, since she is still recovering from a years-old triple bypass surgery, she "had to get [her] daughter to speak to them" to avoid giving herself too much of a shock.  
                When interviewed by a local County Durham paper, Bradbury said that she plans to be pragmatic with her winnings. Aside from saving the bulk of the money, Alison Bradbury told the news that she would like to buy one of her grandsons a new phone for his birthday and help her husband Ken retire earlier than expected.