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Massive Ladbrokes Bingo Promotions in Liverpool during Ad Shoot

Ladbrokes, one of Great Britain’s best known online bingo providers have launched an enormous advertising campaign in the city streets of Liverpool. The filming of an over-the-top commercial spot has already attracted the attention of a large number of city dwellers even before its slated airing on UK TV beginning next month.

The company grabbed publicity by floating giant bingo balls down the Liverpool streets to the amazement of onlookers. Giant spheres, some thirteen feet in diameter, were sent past major city landmarks where pedestrians often pushed them along their path. Video crew were set up to capture the event for the upcoming Ladbrokes bingo commercial which will soon see the footage edited to display the balls passing Liverpool landmarks such as St George’s Hall, the Steblel Fountain, the Liver Building and the Museum Steps. Ladbrokes’ Marketing Manager, Charlie Goodenough reported that his company was excited to carry out such a large-scale advertisement shoot and provide Liverpool citizens with some entertainment in the process.

M&S Saatchi were partnered with Ladbrokes to conceive the larger-than-life publicity stunt and have promised the inclusion of further edits depicting real-life renditions of bingo slang (such as the ‘two fat ladies’, ‘two little ducks’, ‘legs eleven’ calls and more). The advertising spot is intended for television use and is expected to begin regular rotation from mid-September onward.