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Ladbrokes Prepares to Move to iPoker Network

                Ladbrokes, one of the industry's most popular online gaming and sportsbooking platform, has announced plans to move from its current home at MPN/Microgaming to the iPoker network. The gaming site's decision comes as the result of a deepening business relationship with the latter company and will be carried out gradually.  
                The move to iPoker does not yet have a concrete date, but Ladbrokes has stressed that players should not experience any jarring changes during the process. The first step in the transition demonstrates the truth of these claims, Ladbrokes adding a Vegas tab (leading to several of the newly offered Playtech games) to their platforms while otherwise leaving the core experience intact. Ladbrokes will continue shifting their services from Microgaming to iPoker as their contractual obligations to the former network begin to expire. The transition to iPoker-based online poker has been revealed as the next step in the ongoing process.
                Mor Weizer, Playtech's CEO, told press that he is excited for a future that sees "Ladbrokes' brand strength [and] core technology" combined with "Playtech's proven track record in growing digital revenues." Investors seem to agree, a fact evidenced by Ladbrokes' share prices increasing some 6.5% (the company's highest share value since 2008) following the move's announcement. Once Ladbrokes finishes its transition to iPoker it will exist as part of the same network as prominent sites like Titan Poker, bet365, Paddy Power Poker and William Hill.