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Ladbrokes Joins With Microgaming Poker Network to Stimulate Business

The Microgaming Poker Network is one of online gambling’s leading networks and Ladbrokes decision to join with their service is set to hold great rewards for devotees of the site. Through increased traffic and greater benefits, Ladbrokes plans to expand their tournament and cash game options for users of the poker client.

John O’Reilly, Ladbrokes Managing Director of Remote Betting and Gaming said the move to join Microgaming was a natural one for the company in that they are hoping to offer wider fare for members and stimulate growth. Through the partnership, Ladbrokes will be able to offer higher-stakes games as well as increase their potential demographic base and notoriety while maintaining their existing features. The company may have been motivated by a 6.4 percent decline in profits during the first half of 2008 but ultimately the move is a wise one which should increase the site’s popularity while allowing them the necessary movement to keep positive site elements intact. Customer service and brand-based franchising have been stated as being at the top of Ladbrokes agenda as they continue aiming for organic business growth.

Ladbrokes is already one of the premier online poker sites within the industry and their decision to join Microgaming may be just the push needed to put them on top in the near future. Players who use the site should be happy with the move and looking forward to additional content in the near future.