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Liv Boeree Takes Title of Ladbrokes European Ladies Champion

Although many UK poker players may recognise Liv Boeree most for her participation in the Channel 5 reality show which saw her learning how to pick up the game, Boeree’s performance at the European Ladies Championship shows just how far she has come as a professional player.

Ladbrokes Poker event saw Boeree emerge as the top competitor out of fifty-two contestants all vying for the title. She took first place for the $30,000 prize and a seat at the World Series of Poker Main Event after two days of tough playing, beating out Lena Martyak at the last table.

Boeree used her time in the spotlight to comment on the concept of the Ladbrokes Poker European Ladies Championship, mentioning that the gender-exclusive tournament has gone a long way toward reaching the company’s goal of demonstrating the skill female poker players have. Ladbrokes Poker event manager, Lucy Sergides commented that the demand for the ELC has been impressive and hopes to see an increase of truly mixed-gender tables as the tournament gains publicity and demonstrates the quality of play.

Liv Boeree’s going to be a player to watch as she continues her career as one of the foremost female poker pros demonstrating a new wave of competitors in the traditionally male dominated sport.