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Liv Boeree Gets Tips from Annie Duke

Poker legend Annie Duke has been grooming young up-and-comer Liv Boeree for the upcoming World Series of Poker with the hopes that her student will be able to take home the coveted bracelet.

Boeree has proven that she’s no slouch herself by taking first place (and $30,000) at the Ladbrokes Poker European Ladies Championship the professional tutelage of Duke is sure to come in handy for her looming competition. The two have been acquaintances since the 2005 UltimatePoker.Com Showdown after which Duke was able to help Boeree get her career as a professional poker player launched.

With her eventual signing to the
Absolute Poker teams the young astrophysicist turned card shark started to come into her own within the industry. With her striking looks, dynamic personality and formidable presence at the tables Boeree has become a phenomenon in the poker industry and the next step seems to be a great run at the WSOPs.

In recent months,
Boeree has managed to keep up an astonishing track record, taking ranking or first-place wins in a large number of London-based Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments and spreading her name through internet games. With Duke’s continued support and the guidance which can only be supplied through years of experience, Boeree could be in a very good position to emerge at the top of the events this summer.