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London Poker in the Park Festival Determined a Huge Success

Last weekend’s, Poker in the Park festival was experimental in many ways and served as something of a testing ground for future, UK-based events of this kind. Luckily for all involved (and British poker enthusiasts in general) this first attempt at a large-scale London gaming showcase went off without a hitch.

The Poker in the Park festival set out to prove that the UK was as fertile a ground as the United States for events based around the game. With the sponsorship of PKR and a fantastic showing of some of the industry’s best players and providers the weekend demonstrated the possibility of continued success in the future. Hordes of British poker players came out to take part in the tournaments and celebrity tutorials, ultimately convincing the city of London and those behind the festival that the entire affair was an overwhelming hit and worth investing in for the future.

Editor-in-Chief of Bluff Europe, Michael Caselli, reported that he and the rest of his company were thrilled with the showing and excited for future possibilities centered on the game. Fox Poker Club added further good news for English poker players with their announcement of a fully-licensed club set to open in London, the first of its kind. While no official word has been given regarding a 2008 Poker in the Park, all evidence seems to point toward it being a distinct possibility.