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Melinda Messenger and Michael Underwood to Host New UK Bingo Show

British television station ITV has recently announced the addition of Bingo Night Live to their network. The program will feature free play and is hosted by celebrity callers Melinda Messenger and Michael Underwood.

The former model,
Messenger and TV personality, Underwood will present numbers and entertain viewers during the one hour show. Players can grab complimentary cards on the Internet prior to broadcast then play along as the two hosts announce winning numbers. The show will also feature innovative segments by statistics reporter Nichole Dixon who is able to report on winner patterns and other interesting facts or figures with her interactive map of the United Kingdom. Bingo Night Live is offering big jackpots and various other non-cash prizes which should keep players coming back to follow the events.

With the fate of Britain’s favourite game on the line during times of economic distress and
closing bingo halls this program could be just what the nation needs in order to revive interest. The free play and entertainment focused nature of the show should be more than enough to attract participants and keep them tuned in five nights a week. Bingo Night Live will air between Tuesdays and Saturdays at midnight on ITV1.