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Merge and PKR Introduce Innovations to the Online Poker World

The Merge Network and PKR are set to take the business of online poker by storm in new displays of experimentation and innovation. By attempting to target certain demographics and by introducing features which haven’t yet been explored in competitor’s poker offerings, these two companies are hoping to capture new audiences and introduce revolutionary practices.

Merge has gone after target demographics by appealing to sub-groups within the poker community (check out their for an example) as they also begin to incorporate a greater emphasis on social networking. PKR seems to be more concerned with the technical side of things and have centered on aesthetics and avatar functionality in their newest efforts.

By designing software engines which allow for high degrees of user customization and emotion based graphics,
PKR could set a standard which all other online casinos and poker clients will have to meet to stay in the game. With 'emote control' technology poker players will now be able to use bluffing to an advantage usually lacking online – avatars can express themselves visually to target the human aspect of betting, something that isn’t nearly as deep when only communicating in words.

The good news for
online poker players is that Merge and PKR’s attempts to raise the stakes of Internet gaming can only result in competition that leaves consumers with better and more satisfying services.