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UK Actress, Michelle Collins Backs Gala Bingo Charity Fundraiser

The annual fall charity fundraiser, spearheaded by Gala Bingo and supported by thousands of British gaming fans is just about to kick-off for 2008 and has now announced a surprise celebrity endorsement. Former “Eastenders” and “Two Thousand Acres of Sky” star, Michelle Collins was revealed as a supporter for the cause this week, a move that should bring even more publicity to the worthy events being undertaken.

Collins has already started to generate some buzz for Gala and the slew of supported charities by performing some outrageous publicity stunts designed with maximum attention as the goal. Last week Collins posed for photos in a ball gown dress composed entirely of bingo tickets and apparently has some other tricks up her sleeve to take out as the fundraising continues forward. She expressed her interest in the annual bingo charity in the press and urged supporters to come forward and donate in any capacity available to them. British bingo players have traditionally done a fantastic job of raising money for the proceedings and should be able to repeat their efforts this season as well.

Last year, Gala Bingo was able to rally enough attention to raise £2.75 million for the designated charities, an overwhelming amount which will go a long way toward helping out the community. The 2008 fundraising is set for a £3 million goal which may not be too far out of reach as time goes on. Anyone interested in donating to a charity should head over to Gala Bingo today for more details.