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National Game Debt Forces ‘Caller of the Year’ Cancellation

Hard times for physical bingo halls continue to worsen with the news of the NBGA’s necessary cancellation of their annual ‘Caller of the Year’ event. Although some private companies are still going through with their smaller-scale iterations of the award (such as Gala Bingo’s similarly styled offering) this move dramatically illustrates the financial difficulties faced by the UK’s largest Bingo group.

NBGA title is a longstanding competition that seeks to drum up big interest in the game of bingo and ultimately serves as a necessity for keeping the industry healthy and exciting. Without this opportunity many of Britain’s best bingo callers will be forced to continue enduring difficult times where hall closures and lack of exposure keep job opportunities slim and chances for decent salaries within the occupation scarce.

Although there will be a definite lack of excitement for
bingo fans interested in the annual proceedings this fall, the NBGA has announced plans to come back for a future event which will attempt to funnel withheld finances into an even grander party. The debt that forced this year’s cancellation is hoped to be shortly resolved so the company can ensure that no such bad luck continues for players, fans and their business alike.