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Online Bingo to be the Focus of New Acquisitions

As online bingo continues to skyrocket in popularity gambling corporations have centered more attention toward profiting from the trend. Aldgate Capital was recently the focus of a study by Clarion Gaming who found that the UK centered company is rumored to be gearing up for a move that could see £150 million invested toward Internet bingo acquisitions.

Online casinos have continued to benefit from the explosion of virtual casinos and were shown to have a 19% rise in overall traffic by UK players from 2006 to the present. With the recent smoking-ban and the implementation of a double-taxation law within physical casinos reporters have witnessed no signs of online devotees slowing their new commitment to playing from the computer. In fact the comfort of home and furthering restrictions on land-based casinos could accelerate growth in all aspects of virtual gambling.

If Aldgate’s business venture is carried out successfully it will be no surprise to see
online bingo continue to prosper as a major facet of Internet casinos, even emerging as a game to contend with the popularity of poker. The company is a strong force in the UK gaming economy and their rumored action could spark even further interest in the near future.