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Online Bingo on the Rise in the UK

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Online bingo is increasing in popularity through the United Kingdom as a recent poll has recently shown. has released data collected by their server demonstrating that within the last six months online bingo has steadily been gaining players.

Although this trend should not come as much of a surprise to those who frequent
online casinos or care to watch the growth and decline of certain Internet games the poll does offer optimism to virtual casinos offering bingo to their customers.

Online bingo has been a mainstay on many Internet gambling sites but is often overshadowed by the immense popularity of Internet poker which has increased significantly in recent years. The British portal site Bingoport has monitored users accessing online bingo since September and has witnessed a 19 percent increase in traffic directed toward the game, a rise in player rates that means online bingo is set to become even more popular with time.

Scott Logan, the managing director of took the news as a matter of fact, acknowledging that his company anticipated the drastic increase of online bingo players as merely a matter of time. Only time will tell if this raise in bingo enthusiasts will continue but for now this news should provide optimism to Internet sites specialising in the game.