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PartyPoker Drops High Stakes Cash Games from Website Line-Up

It’s rare that an online gaming network removes rather than adds to its line-up of gameplay options, but that’s exactly what renowned poker site PartyPoker has just announced. Players who enjoy participating in high stakes competition will be disappointed to hear that this style of poker will no longer be offered at the site.
                As mentioned above, PartyPoker has decided to drop a wide range of high stakes cash games from its network. The high stakes games in question include all no limit hold ‘em bouts played for amounts of $10/$20 or higher and limit competitions with stakes set at $30/$60 and above. Curious PartyPoker members and industry observers have speculated on the decision to remove these games, the consensus being that the move is meant to keep players engaged in competitions for longer periods of time without running through their bankrolls too quickly. Within the revised stakes levels, the richest cash games are now limited to $5/$10 no limit hold ‘em and Omaha tables.
                A statement from PartyPoker described the decision to remove high stakes games as a way for the network to “make improvements to [its] poker ecology” and a move made to benefit its “players’ best interests.” The press release went on to state how PartyPoker “believes this change will improve the action at our tables and the poker room as a whole.” Only time will tell whether players agree that the dropped games constitute a genuine improvement to the PartyPoker experience or simply limit playing options.