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Paysafecard Wants Your Bad Beat Stories

Instead of heading to your favourite poker forum to discuss your loss at online tables, Paysafecard is offering incentives to share your ‘bad beats’ with them for a chance to get your stake back in the bank.

The UK based company acts as a bridge between your money and virtual chips, and has been moving up as one of the premier services in transferring money between the Internet and your physical accounts. The
Paysafecard company is now looking to provide further incentives to get you onto their business by providing a weekly draw wherein a refund of the money gambled (and lost) is awarded on Mondays to the player with the best story of a horrible loss.

By playing at any of the provided
online casinos (Pokerstars, Partypoker, Ultimatebet and many others) and having entered a game using the Paysafecard service a failed gamble can be recorded with a screenshot and sent to [email protected] wherein stories are considered for winning the weekly refund. Luckily your identity is hidden so even by sharing your embarrassment, not everyone who visits the site has to know the humiliation suffered.

It’s a good idea to drum up further service for the company and may be just the push needed to get
Paysafecard established as the foremost electronic funds management service in the United Kingdom for the booming online poker industry.