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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Unveils Software Update and New Site Features, never content to rest on its laurels, has just announced yet another software update. The latest revision of the online poker network not only improves on the existing interface, but also improves the user experience by adding new features.
                The latest facelift has, as always, been designed to provide players with the most immersive virtual poker option on the internet. The latest improvements bring practical, game-focused updates like a reiterated multi-tabling system that allows players to more easily rearrange, resize and reformat up to nine currently open windows. Alongside this is the introduction of a beta quickplay feature. The trial version of’s quickplay looks to make getting into a favourite style of poker game as quick as possible while also allowing players to try out a hand replay tool where past hands can be recorded and/or posted to YouTube. In a further extension of its detailed avatar system, PKR has now added a “virtual drinks” feature where player points can be used to buy pints of beer, shots of liquor and other cocktail for themselves or friends. The last piece of the update sees PKR adding a “luxury yacht” to its line-up of table environments.
      ’s Chief Operating Officer, Leon Walters, told press that players “who enjoy a more social poker experience will love the ability to buy drinks” while “hardcore multi-tablers will appreciate the new multiple windows feature” and “hand replay tool.” Members of the network are able to hop onto their site of choice now to try out the new software features for themselves.