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PKR Social Dusseldorf Hailed as Success’s ongoing venture into live gaming events has most recently brought the company to Germany for the PKR Social Dusseldorf. The company, banking on the continued rise in popularity of poker in German-speaking Europe, gambled on exploring a new market and, luckily enough, has now reported that its foray was a success.

The Social was held over the weekend of 7th May and brought a large number of players and PKR staffers together for a series of poker games, sports and more. PKR Social Dusseldorf is notable for being the first time that PKR has hosted one of its Socials outside of the United Kingdom, a European region that is known for enthusiastic attendance at poker-based events. The company’s decision to try their luck in Germany paid off, however, some 45 players and team members coming to Dusseldorf to play paintball at the Kaarst Paintball Arena then return to the event’s hotel venue for poker. The attendees shared dinner then sat down to a freeroll (with prizes furnished by PKR) until late into the night.

With the success of Dusseldorf likely to bolster the company’s comfort in bringing its Socials to other European markets, fans can look forward to more events to come throughout the continent. Speaking to press, spokespeople remarked that the Dusseldorf weekend was “ . . . the perfect start for many European PKR Socials to come.”