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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Expands PKRTV with New Comedy Videos

One of the best aspects of comes from the online poker site’s concentration on creating great original video content. The latest announcement from PKR recognizes this, adding a brand new comedy series to the company’s YouTube-based PKRTV.
The light-hearted show stars Ashley Hames and other poker fans attempting to keep a straight face while being distracted in extreme ways. In homage to the difficulty of maintaining a neutral “poker face” while under immense pressure, the PKRTV program features Hames and crew doing their best to remain unfazed by splashes of water, slaps and, most notably, being pelted with the components of a full English breakfast. The new comedy episodes join PKRTV’s regular line-up of videos, bringing some laughs to the channel’s existing body of interviews with poker professionals and video captures from the high-profile online games and big wins played out through the website. Expanding on PKRTV is part of a larger push toward making an ideal home for poker fans of all types. Along with electronic versions of PKR’s Stacked magazine, PKRTV is meant to help create and foster a community of live and online players who can discuss their love of the game with others through a single multimedia network.
A statement from described the company’s ongoing efforts toward striking the right “balance between online and live play”, a process wherein PKR hopes to provide quality entertainment for “everyone in the community.”  PKRTV is available through’s YouTube channel of the same name.