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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Debuts Real Money iPhone Poker App

       has always been quick to take advantage of the most exciting new technologies involved with online poker. With the recent launch of real money games for its iPhone application the popular platform looks to continue doing so by further branching out into mobile gaming.
                PKR recently unveiled its iPad app, complete with a number of portable games alongside its trademark player avatars, and now plans to continue its Apple support with an iPhone version of its site. The new edition of the iOS app allows any iPhone owner to play real money sit and go or ring matches without having to access a computer. Multi-table tournaments (and multi-tabling features) are also being worked on as priorities for the next update. Currently, only British PKR members can access the app, though the company has spoken about its plans to bring both the iPad and iPhone software to the rest of the world in the future. PKR also confirmed that the development of another rendition of the app — this one meant for Android-based smartphones — continues to move forward.
                A cheeky statement from PKR called the launch of the iPhone app "another leap forward" in the company's "plan for world mobile poker domination." The press release went on to say that the app was a great way for "owners of any generation of iPhone" to get a game of poker in during a "morning commute, lunch queue" or even a "business meeting [if] you have a great poker face." The iPhone app is now available as a free download from the Apple App Store.