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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Announces New Software Upgrade has always enjoyed critical and popular acclaim, not least of all because of its highly sophisticated software. Now the online poker giant has announced yet another comprehensive upgrade that looks to make its service an even more popular choice for internet gamers.

The recent software upgrade (which went live as V2.04.07) includes a number of new features and revisions. Most notable is the inclusion of auto top-up and default buy-in options, something that has often been requested by players that frequent ring games (where table bankroll customization and management is extremely important). PKR has also added in-depth player statistics that allow users to view essential data on their friends and competitors. These statistics can be conveniently accessed (as text or graphics) through the in-game chat box, giving players the ability to more accurately gauge tournament foes while still concentrating on their game. Last but not least is the addition of a set of new avatar “emotes” that let players act out a wider range of feelings through their digital counterparts. These five new actions look to breathe even more life into the already impressive range of virtual emotions that PKR avatars can display during games.

PKR Lite, a minimalist version of the site’s robust, traditional software (intended for less powerful computers), has also been provided through the upgrade. Never content to rest on its laurels, has provided hints toward an end-of-year update as well, demonstrating that the company’s devotion toward offering unparalleled software won’t be stopping anytime soon.