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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online Invites Members to Enjoy a Virtual Drink maintains a well deserved reputation for being the most technologically progressive online poker network. With the unveiling of its latest feature, a new addition that came alongside PKR's recent software update, this commitment to innovation is set to continue.
                The new feature allows players to further simulate aspects of live poker competition through their site of choice. Virtual drinks, ready to be bought for oneself or another member, have now arrived at PKR in an effort to make the platform's 3D poker rooms more realistic than ever before. These drinks can be "purchased" in exchange for PKR points and have been carefully modeled to look and sound as authentic as possible. Pints of beer, cups of coffee in polyester cups and mojitos that are detailed enough to allow players to "hear the ice cubes clink against their glass" when their avatar takes a sip have all been added to the bar.
      's software update press release was enthusiastic about the addition of its unorthodox new feature, calling the virtual drinks "great fun." The statement went on to describe the gameplay possibilities of ordering these fake drinks, detailing how "buying a cocktail for a guy you just destroyed in a hand can be seen as [either] a polite gesture or the ultimate insult." Virtual drinks are available now as part of's recent software update.