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My Thoughts and Insights about Gambling Online's PKR TV Records More Than 500,000 Total Views always attempts to provide online poker players with something different. From the site's emphasis on a lively avatar system to its PKRTV videos, fans have rewarded PKR's innovative business practices with plenty of attention and praise.

The most recent demonstration of PKR's success involves PKRTV, the platform's dedicated YouTube channel. recently celebrated the popularity of PKRTV after achieving more than 500,000 video views, a feat that proves the value of the channel to the site's fans. PKRTV features expert gameplay commentary and analysis from members of Team PKR Pro and is presented by Dan Grant and Rachael Downie. A diverse line-up of shows, ranging from footage of prestigious tournaments to poker tips and strategies meant to improve a viewer's poker game, have helped PKRTV to garner acclaim both on the web and through international Poker Channel broadcasts. To date, has recorded and presented incredible wins from the final tables of events like PKR Masters, capturing high level play for casual or serious video reference.'s Media Manager, Dan Grant, explained that PKRTV was started with the goal of recording memorable moments like beautifully executed tournament wins or "huge cash game bluffs." Grant went on to describe PKR's commitment to providing "every level of player" with access to professional analysis of these moments in order to share the excitement — and learning opportunities — offered by their recordings.