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Absolute Poker Awards World’s Largest Bad Beat Payout

Many of the best established online poker sites have begun to offer ‘bad beat’ jackpots which seek to take a bit of the sting out of a big loss with a kick-back of reward money. Absolute Poker has long maintained their version of the award with last week seeing a record-breaking amount paid out to a player on the site.

The user, who goes by the screen name of
RiverMan1969, had his fortunes quickly reversed as his crushing defeat soon earned him a payout far larger than what the tables would have given. The gambler lost a bet with four tens by another player who had an unbelievable quad Queens. Apparently the beat was a good enough story to earn RiverMan1969 roughly $325,200, a payout which dwarfs almost every other single player bad beat jackpot yet.

Although the
$325,200 is noteworthy enough in its own right this amount was only a fraction of the $996,115 total prize shared among the other contestants playing at Absolute’s Bad Beat Jackpot rooms. With a payback worth almost one million dollars USD Absolute Poker has definitely set a mark so far unprecedented within the industry. Now that the majority of the premier internet poker businesses offer competitive bad beat jackpots betters should check out this play style for themselves and try to turn around what being a ‘loser’ really means.