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American Poker Players Support Obama for November Elections

Although for many politicians the support of poker players may be the furthest demographic from their minds American presidential hopeful, Senator Barack Obama is proving that having the gamblers on his side may prove an enormous help. Due to Obama’s stance on US legislature concerning the game he is drumming up a lot of interest from the masses of poker enthusiasts across the nation.

Although Senator John McCain is also a fan of gambling he frequents craps tables while Obama has identified himself as a Texas Hold ‘Em and Seven-Card Stud buff. The Democrat also seeks an end to the illegality of certain poker games within the United States and hopes to offer restrictions rather than outright bans. The Poker Players for Obama maintain consistent blog postings on his website and even former die-hard Republican, Doyle Brunson has announced that his vote will go toward the Democratic candidate in November. Perhaps the most striking sign of support comes from the million strong Pokers Players Alliance as their number alone shows great potential for favorable voting.

Considering that McCain supports the Republican bid for banning internet poker many fans of the game see Obama as the only correct candidate if they wish to continue enjoying their hobby or livelihood online. Regardless of other policies and campaign promises, Obama’s stance on poker and personal regard for the game has gained him a strong following as US elections grow ever closer.