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American Heatwave Leads to Increased Online Poker Traffic

The recent and drastic arrival of summer in North America has seen a larger than average volume of gamblers heading for online poker sites in the last week. Combined with the already high fever of the excitement surrounding the World Series of Poker player traffic is set to climb even further.

Wass Poker, a part of the Merge Network recently launched their business into the intense competition of pre-existing and already established sites within the industry and was delighted to find that high temperatures and the WSOPs have meant a lot of attention. The new site launched on June 1st and found an audience hungry for more online play due to a desire for new forms of poker play and a reluctance to venture out into the heat. American players are usually unaccounted for by British poker sites but the spillover of air-conditioned card sharks should see the entire business benefiting overall by virtue of the heatwave.

UK and European Poker sites who allow North American players have also seen their player traffic soar in direct relation to heat and humidity across the ocean and clients can expect to see a continuation of this trend. As the summer kicks into full gear the online poker industry is set to profit from an exaggeration of the already busy season.