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Poker Still Illegal in Washington State after Superior Court Ruling

For those keeping an eye on the state of poker gambling in one of the largest American cities, bad news was brought today in the form of a Superior Court ruling which maintains that online, money-based gambling is still illegal.

Lee Rousso, poker devotee and lawyer argued against the state’s regulation after filing a lawsuit but was ultimately defeated. Rousso maintains that the law should be appealed based on the fact that popular support is on his side instead of the governments and that legislation needs to be altered in light of this. After the court reached a decision he spoke to the press in front of the Poker Player’s Alliance, a group of almost seventy citizens led by the lawyer in their fight against what they consider to be an unjust and unconstitutional law.

Although his battle was lost this time
Rousso is not ready to give up quite yet. He announced that the matter would be brought up again, this time in front of the US Supreme Court. With the support of not only the PPA but also a great deal of the American public, Rousso could find himself successful if the matter is pushed. If Washington eventually relents it could open up a new door for many other international governments who have discriminated against online gambling practices, encouraging the growth of the business and discouraging the bad reputation of Internet betting.