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German Online Poker Continues to Gain Popularity

Although online poker remains in a legally hazy situation within the nation German poker players are continuing to flock to Internet Casinos to get their fill of the game as a recent poll by Deutsche Welle has demonstrated.

Through careful placement of server and corporate headquarters in nations outside of Germany,
online poker companies have been able to successfully muddle the penal system to make virtual play a viable option for the population. In Germany the law dictates that gambling is only permitted within a recognised, physical casino and this has made the transition toward online play difficult.

However as statistics demonstrate that somewhere around
200,000 to 290,000 Germans access poker sites for play (and around one million Euros were gambled by this route in 2006) the nation’s legislature is proving ineffective toward a proper regulation.

Although the German government could stand to make significant federal income from a full legalisation for now it stands that only the tax authorities themselves are profiting from this rise in
online poker’s popularity. The first step toward a greater degree of control may come soon enough however as celebrity sponsors and social acceptability are increasing along with mainstream online play showing that perhaps in a short time spectators may witness fully legalised online casinos for Germany.