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Poker Survey Ranks Most Intimidating Professions

A recent survey of the poker world has determined the top professions and celebrities viewed as formidable opponents by industry professionals. The results are somewhat along the lines of what you would expect but the listings are still interesting enough to take a look at as they reveal the skills which poker players most value and fear at the tables.

Actors received 29 percent of the votes due to their ability to ‘become’ another person entirely with stockbrokers (27 percent) taking second place for their career-making skills in odds and mathematical speculation. Politicians (13 percent) and accountants (11 percent) came in third and fourth, the former being feared for their ability to naturally make use of convincing lies and the latter for their knowledge of figures and percentages. Lastly, comedians and public speakers held 6 percent of the overall votes because of their high level of comfort in banter and being scrutinized publicly.

The character traits found in the five occupations make a lot of sense and may give a bit of support to the waves of celebrity poker players often signed to premier gaming sites and teams. The poll also asked participants to name a few specific celebrities they would hate to meet at a poker table. Sir Alan Sugar was number one with other notable celebrities including Professor Stephen Hawking and terrifying television chef, Gordon Ramsay placing in the top rankings of results.