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PokerSharks Radar Reveals 3 Million Online Poker Players Records

A massive amount of statistical data has been compiled and readied for public use by PokerSharks Radar, a freeware developer that has taken a great interest in giving online poker players every tool available. As the system now has roughly three million users indexed it is quickly becoming a truly viable option for poker fans to look into.

The PokerSharks Radar software is free for download and offers online poker fans the ability to research the background of any player they come up against at the tables. Aside from the staggering volume of records detailing every gambler’s hand and play history the software is also capable of deducing an ‘historical strategy’ (only for Texas Hold ‘Em at this point) based on this data. The PokerSharks Radar system essentially functions as a massive notebook that will no doubt serve to increase the level of strategy and pure skill required online once it becomes commonplace among gamers.

It’s an excellent piece of freeware for the serious player or any novice who doesn’t want to come up against sharks as they start to learn the ropes. PokerSharks Radar is sure to cause its fair share of controversy as it finds the mainstream but for now it can be seen as an impressive database for savvy poker fans to take advantage of.