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New Application Makes Avoiding Poker Sharks Simpler

Although other screening methods do exist which attempt to keep players aware of poker sharks, a brand new program has just been launched which should make the process simpler than ever before. The ‘Interactive Fish-O-Meter’ is available now for interested users to check out.

The application screens through various criteria entered by the user to allow for a warning of any site that is deemed ‘fishy’. The online climate in many poker rooms can be pretty foreboding for new players just looking to get acquainted with the game and the Fish-O-Meter can go a long way toward helping make the learning curve a more comfortable one. Using the program, players can check out geographical locations, bankrolls and gaming details of a top-three result listing of sites picked by them before deciding on the best site to play from. The widget allows for players to spend less time worrying about potential sharks at every table and instead seek out games that are more appropriate for their skill and comfort level.

It’s worth a look for anybody, novice or experienced, who want to enhance and safeguard their playing experience online. The Interactive Fish-O-Meter is one of the better tools available within the category and definitely warrants taking a look at. The widget is available through the SitAndGoPlanet poker site and is free for use for any visitor.