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PokerStars Reaches 95 Billion Hands, Awards 'Road to 100 Billion' Promo Prizes

The ongoing Road to 100 Billion promotion is causing plenty of excitement at PokerStars, especially as the popular online poker network inches closer to the monumental goal. Most recently the site managed to hit 95 billion hands dealt and awarded the lucky participants of the hand accordingly.

Nine players sitting down at a PokerStars $0.08/$0.16 no limit hold 'em full ring table game were fortunate enough to be involved with the site's 95 billionth hand. PokerStars celebrated the occasion by awarding each of these members with $10,000 and, if that wasn't enough, extra money matched in proportion to their most recently earned loyalty points. When the 95th billionth hand was started Lee Jones, PokerStars' Head of Poker Communications, helped kick off the festivities. The hand itself saw a British player ('RichB17') win with a straight, a competitor called 'Domy07' take the side pot and 'pacheko23980' emerge as the landmark hand's runner-up. Aside from the 95th billionth hand itself, The Road to 100 Billion promotion awarded nearly $900,000 over a single week of play.

A statement from PokerStars described the company's awarding of "a total of $892,718 over 300 Milestone hands and the final Mega Milestone hand." It went on to kick off the excitement for The Road to 100 Billion's finale by predicting its "[culmination] in June [and] an even bigger prize giveaway" to be "revealed in the spring."