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100 Billionth Hand Celebrations Come to PokerStars

                PokerStars has a history of celebrating its business milestones by providing cash bonuses and other awards to site members lucky enough to be a part of record-breaking games. The site's 100 Billion Hands Celebration has been no different, giving those who happened to be playing as the landmark was reached huge rewards for their good fortune.
                The 100 billionth hand was recently hit, marking a huge accomplishment for the eleven year old PokerStars. The site member who played the hand in question uses the name 'Microulis69' and was awarded more than $103,000 in cash. Microulis69, who hails from Greece, was playing micro-stakes poker on PokerStars' Euryalos XI (at $0.02/$0.05) when the milestone was triggered. While Microsoulis69 took home a $31.55 pot for his win the more impressive prize came from the massive $103,800 awarded by PokerStars for triumphing during the 100 billionth hand. The hand also saw other competitors playing against Microsoulis69 receiving cash awards. 'Mayers666' took away the lowest amount (a still substantial $12,460) while both 'HeyitsClay' and 'doc836' received the highest award ($13,440 each).  
                PokerStars Head of Poker Communications, Lee Jones, revealed that a total of 9,471 site members received part of the stake share ($830,790) set aside to celebrate the 100 billionth hand. The average share provided to this group of players was $84.72. PokerStars will continue to offer 100 Billion Hands Celebration promotional events throughout the coming weeks, extending the festivities beyond the monumental hand itself.