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Polaris Computer to Play Against Human Pros Again

Last year’s Man Versus Machine Poker Championship saw the top-of-the-line Polaris computer narrowly beaten by human opponents but the system is now being readied to try again in an upcoming event. This odd competition is a great opportunity for poker fans to take in a unique competition as well as providing artificial intelligence testing for scholar’s observations.

Developed by the
University of Alberta’s Computer Research Group, the further improved AI of the Polaris 2 has been tailored to stand an even better chance against competition this year. With advancements in AI and programs implemented to allow Polaris the ability to learn from mistakes and player styles during matches the unusual tournament could have quite a different result at the summer match-up. The technology employed in the Mark II Polaris is highly advanced and is set to push human players to their fullest abilities.

A similar format from the former event has been adopted with
Polaris 2 playing a controlled match against poker professionals. Ijay Palansky, Nick Grudzien and Matt Hawrilenko will make up the flesh and blood opposition to Polaris this year and hope to again prove that even the most advanced computer system cannot outdo humans just yet. The 2008 Man Versus Machine match will take place early in the month this July at the Rio All-Suite Hotel in Las Vegas as part of the Polaris Computer to Play Against Human Pros Again.