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Recent Study Suggests Smoking Bans Don’t Negatively Effect Bingo Revenue

With the recent problems facing UK, brick and mortar bingo halls many industry observers have been quick to point their fingers at a variety of causes with smoking bans often being the most heavily blamed. The publication of an American study has been making waves with its suggestion that this may not be at all true however.

The research in question was carried out through the University of Kentucky in the United States and was commissioned by the UK’s College of Public Health. The study demonstrated that, contrary to general opinion, smoking bans have actually not proved to be the only reason for a lack of business. Evidence was drawn from comparing financial figures before and after the instatement of smoking legislature across thirteen different Kentucky counties. Through comparing the data, officials were able to take the blame off of the introduction of new laws and defend their continued existence at North American and British charitable or private bingo halls.

Bingo halls may have other, bigger, more difficult problems to worry about then just anti-smoking laws as the study shows. Industry observers speculate that the loss of traffic on both sides of the ocean may stem from the rising popularity of other games and increasingly viable online venues which adversely affect the profits of physical halls.