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Swedish Player Attempts Third Consecutive Cash at 2008 World Series of Poker

Stefan Mattson, a twenty-eight year old Swedish native has been making big waves with his attempts toward a third cash at the 2008 World Series of Poker. His unusual style and attitude toward the game has worked out so far and fans are ready to track future developments as the tournament continues.

Mattson is completely self-taught and turns his nose up at the idea of studying serious poker theory. He came up from playing cards with family members and learning from only his own experience. When Mattson began to vie for professional leagues in 2004 he quickly became a bigger name, cashing during both times when he sat at the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

The newly famous
Mattson was quickly snapped up by the Purple Lounge team and is now enjoying the benefits of being a company sponsor. With the continuation of the enormous annual event he is set to have a perfect streak as a successful, big money player able to take home substantial earnings from the tough matches.

As the competition continues to play out it will be exciting to see how far
Mattson gets toward coming out on top. For now, spectators are excited to see if the self-taught Swede will be able to go three-for-three with his WSOP performances and cash big again.