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UK Woman Vies for Title of Best Bingo Caller

Tracey Claire, a forty-four year old woman from Birmingham is ready to take on any competition in her attempt at gaining the title of Gala Bingo’s “Caller of the Year”. The Sutton Coldfield resident has been a star at the Stockland Green Gala hall and is the only female coming up against seven men in the finals.

Claire has been playing
bingo for over twenty years and calling for about seven. She was first introduced to the job when filling in for a sick co-worker. Still wearing her line-cook clothing, Claire took the stage and discovered her future career which she now does full-time to the enjoyment of players at the Stockland Green. Entry to the Gala Bingo Caller of the Year awards have all been made and now the participants are ready to be judged on criteria including presence on stage, interview technique and appearance.

The title will be decided by a panel of judges on June 29th at the Kingsbury Road
Gala in Birmingham. Supporters of their local participants are set to attend the competition to cheer on the local callers they know so well. Winners will receive a cash prize along with eligibility to audition for appearance as a star bingo caller on Gala TV.