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UltimateBet Signs New Pros to Ward off Cheating Scandal

Recent allegations of shady business practices have meant a widespread decline in traffic for UltimateBet.Com and related Tokwiro internet casinos. In a widely publicized move the company has announced the signing of two new additions to their professional team which could be interpreted as an effort to create some level of distraction or legitimization.

Last month saw the
Tokwiro network subject to torrents of bad press due to a problem wherein certain players were able to view their opponent’s cards. The company blamed previous employment but the service’s reputation was badly damaged especially in light of similar allegations aimed at AbsolutePoker.Com from earlier in the year, a client also maintained by the corporation. These software errors were defended and subsequently said to have been fixed although in many ways the damage to PR is continuing to have irreversible effects on public trust.

UltimateBet.Com has signed Cliff Josephy and Eric Lynch to their casino offering in an attempt to finally warrant positive media coverage. The new additions have had to repeatedly defend their contracts in light of the prevailing, malignant attitude toward their new benefactors. Only time will tell how this acquisition ultimately works on popular perception of the corporation but it is one step that has at least been able to provide the industry with news diverted from scandal gossip.