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UltimateBet and Ante Up for Africa Present Celebrity Weekend for Sudan

Industry giant, UltimateBet has recently announced a partnership with the “Ante Up for Africa” foundation to launch a high-visibility charity event. The upcoming gaming series is filled with some of the most recognizable faces in the world of professional poker and film which is sure to create a lot of attention as its weekend draws near.

This enormous event has been created in order to raise funds and promote awareness of the ongoing genocide of the Sudanese population in Darfur. Ante Up for Africa will feature substantial prizes and celebrity endorsement in order to create the kind of stir it aims for. Among the featured guests to be in attendance are, Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth, Tiffany Michelle and actor, Don Cheadle. Celebrities will be playing online games and users will be able to go up against them for the chance to run into their favourite stars or vie for great rewards (such as tournament entries, trips or private poker lessons).

Ante Up for Africa has been in the works since July and now this weekend (August 22nd to 24th) players and business backers will finally see the potential good possible through such a charitable event. The announcement of the fundraiser detailed different manners by which UltimateBet loyalty points (UltimatePoints) can be donated to the relief efforts so those users interested should log on now and check out the program.