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Virgin Bingo Player Wins Big at the Snow Queen Magic Progressive Slots

A lucky Virgin Bingo player has struck it rich thanks to a stroke of good fortune while playing online at her favourite gaming destination. Playing the website, the user was able to hit the jackpot on a progressive slot that had been building for some time, ultimately taking home over £50,000.

The Virgin Bingo player, using the online handle, “Milllane”, won a total of £55,000 in cash. The money was awarded through the Snow Queen Magic slot game, a progressive jackpot that had been snowballing in value for some time before the lucky user won the cash.

Milllane” was able to bring up five matching Snow Queen symbols on one of the slot’s win lines in order to qualify as a winner. She was playing ten pence stakes and received only ten percent of the total money that had amounted at the progressive jackpot. Those players that are able to win the entire, enormous Snow Queen Magic prize must have placed a maximum, one pound bet per spin.

The fortunate winner had only played online bingo for about two years when she was awarded the sizable jackpot. “Milllane” told that she plans to use the unexpected windfall to take a vacation and renovate her kitchen.

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