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Virgin Games Study Promotes Social Benefits of Bingo

Virgin Games, owner of the influential company’s bingo and casino networks, has recently announced the results of a landmark study into the personal benefits made possible by online play. The end result of Virgin’s exhaustive research is great news for devoted bingo players as it reinforces the positive influence that the game can have on an individual’s social life.

The study from Virgin Games was conducted through a number of polls that served to measure the playing habits and social interactions of bingo fans. One of these polls looked at the number of players who had made what they considered to be genuine friendships and found that 44 of the 647 person sample group said they had — with 18 percent of the same group saying that had met with their new friends in person. 22 percent of the group told Virgin Games’ researchers that they were comfortable enough with their online bingo friends that they would discuss their personal and family problems with them while 34 percent also stated that they believed that playing internet bingo had improved their social life.

Aside from the interpersonal benefits of playing bingo, Virgin Games also cited interesting data on the replacement of brick and mortar bingo halls by online play. 69 percent of Virgin’s sample group told researchers that internet bingo had completely replaced visiting land-based venues, something that is hardly surprising given the downfall of the game’s physical market.