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WassPoker Introduces Caribbean Stud to Game Line-Up

WassPoker have recently implemented the addition of Caribbean Stud style poker play to their service, a move which is set to shake things up for visitors of their site and the industry as a whole. The leading site’s gaming repertoire is among the most extensive in the business and will continue to lead as an example for many others.

Although it may seem like nothing much,
WassPoker have been acting as something of a guide toward competing services and their Caribbean Stud offering means that many other sites are going to have to follow suit or fall behind. If the style catches on at Wass then we could expect to see an explosion of other sites in the business diversifying their poker options which results in good opportunities for consumers. Although many of the premier services fail to provide much more than Texas Hold ‘Em some of the most successful have hosted numerous styles for fans to enjoy.

Caribbean Stud is a poker style which has long enjoyed popularity in casinos due to its simple but intense gameplay. The dealer and player are both dealt five cards with the dealer’s all being face-down except for the fifth. Caribbean Stud quickly becomes a game of bluffing and betting toward victory, a style not completely unlike the wildly popular Texas Hold ‘Em.